You may need Long Term Care because of:

  •  a serious injury
  •  a stroke
  •  onset of a disease like MS or Parkinson's

The expense of long term care is not pocket change, will you have to liquidate retirement assets to fund your long term care? To pay for long term care, many Americans sell assets, such as their homes and spend down their financial resources to qualify for Medicaid. The expense of long term care can be staggering.Simplicity Long Term Care Insurance Perhaps you believe you already have a financial plan that will cover long term care. There's your health insurance poicy, maybe you have some savings set aside, and you might even have long term disability insurance. Unfortunately, health insurance is not designed to pay for long term care expenses. Disability insurance will only replace a portion of the income you need for living expenses, not the added expense of your care. And based on the annual costs for nursing homes or home health care, how long will your savings hold up?

Will you need your family's help? Don't let your family pay the price for your long term care.

If you needed Long Term Care tomorrow, what would your wishes be for you and your family? Most people probably want to live at home, but you wouldn't want to be a burden to your Houston Texas Long Term Care Insurancefamily - financial or otherwise. Yet 78% of adults receiving long term care at home rely exclusively on unpaid assistance from family members, friends and volunteers. Long Term Care insurance can help minimize the financial impact of needing care. However, there is still a cost paid by your family in the form of disrupted work days, or canceled vacations. If there were a long term care solution that allowed you to receive long term are without disrupting the lifestyle your family cherishes, wouldn't you want to know about it?

. . . Simplicity will be there to help you.

Simplicity is long term care insurance that is uniquely suited to working-age adults because it is designed to help you balance your life with your long term care needs. financially secure coupleOnce eligible, with Simplicity, you'll receive a monthly cash benefit from your Cash Benefit Account to use however you choose for the care you want, from whomever you want, where you want! Use your monthly cash benefit to pay a home health aide or even your children to care for you, and give your spouse a break from the demands of your care. Pay for care or other services you may need around the home . . . no matter where in the world home may be.

Having served as a committee member to develop long term care plans, Michelle Feagin will apply her expertise in the field to benefit your situation. Contact Health Insurance Solutions today. Call 281-752-4830 for a free quote or complete the contact form and Michelle Feagin will contact you as soon as possible. You may complete the application forms online or print out the insurance application form you require.

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